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Comprehensive CRM software and EMR Solutions for Healthcare Providers

Exceeding $200 million in pharmaceutical claims

Serviced over 1,000,000+ patients.

Nationwide footprint across all 50 states including all major insurance carriers.

Exceeding $200 million in pharmaceutical claims

Pharmacy partners representing multiple locations in virtually all 50 States in the US.

500+ Physician Referral Network

E-scribe ability to deliver prescription requests directly to the network pharmacy partners

Medical SOftware solutions

Electronic Medical Record

We host a Electronic Medical Record Management systems for telemedicine doctor networks to simply e-scribe electronically with digital signatures. 

Customer Relational Management

We host a EMR and CRM software solution for patient advocacy groups to promote health care services including new patient on-boarding, Insurance validation and healthcare provider API integration. 

Medical Provider Integration

Our platform is capable of Automated Protocol Integration between Patient Advocacy Groups and Healthcare Providers. 

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Customer Relational Management (CRM) System


Doctor Networks

Doctor networks utilize the Biologistic CRM/EMR platform for patient medical intakes, physicians prescribing and patient communications.


Pharmacies | Laboratory | DME

Intuitively routed ensures patient prescriptions flow to pharmacies for fulfillment along with supporting documentation provided by the various doctor networks. The Biologistic CRM also supports PCP laboratory requisitions and DME product orders.



The Biologistic CRM software allows advertisers to add prospects and transfer them to their doctor network of choice. This allows for accurate reporting and tracking of a prospects journey through to a patient result, all in a HIPPA compliant platform.