Advanced Telemedicine Technology

The Biologistic Solution is far superior than any single CRM, EMR or telephone system because it is all inclusive. Patient Advocacy Group's use our system because of the single platform transparency of the doctor network and service providers performances. Doctors use our systems because the EMR is easier to contact patients via our integrated communications module and e-scribing has been streamlined. Service providers including pharmacies, laboratories and durable medical providers use our system because they get extensive and accurate doctor orders. We have developed our functionality from tens of thousands of patient experiences and have refined the protocol accordingly. 

System Overview

Customer Relational Management

Our platform operates from a SQL database. (Structured Query Language). You can load your patient prospects and run advertising campaigns such as call center campaigns, e-mails and SMS text messages.  The CRM tracks  and logs all activity with patients from initial contact through final billing. 

Electronic Medical Record

 Our electronic medical record is HIPAA compliant and capable of prescribing many products and services ranging from medications via specialty pharmacies; skeletal braces via Durable Medical Equipment providers or requisition forms via laboratory.  Our system streamlines medical records and makes it easy for doctors to  prescribe.   

Integrated Communications

 Our system includes a communications module that enables users to handle inbound/outbound phone calls, integrated voice response technology, smart call routing and call press"1" campaigns.  Our system also communicates with patients, doctors and administrators with email and sms text notifications to increase contact rates and consultations. 

Insurance Validation

 Our system contains insurance validation protocols to ensure increased adjudications and reimbursements for our medical providers and advertisers.  BIN, Member and PCN suppression and target profiles can be defined on a customized basis per provider to help increase conversions. 

Real-time Reporting

 The CRM, EMR and automated protocol integration with the medical providers establish real time data from all parties in the service chain.  Whether you are an advertiser, doctor or medical provider, the reporting tools provide transparency of the entire patient fulfillment process as to better determine end to end deficiencies 

Credential Data Mapping

 Our system offers superior data mapping and security credentials.  Administrators from each group determine levels of access and what information is necessary on a per task need to know basis.  Maintaining HIPAA standards, the system presents sufficient relevant data for non-medical related users to access the system for ancillary functions.  

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