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Electronic Medical Record


We host Electronic Medical Record Management systems for telemedicine doctor networks to simply e-scribe electronically with digital signatures.

Customer Relational Management


We host Customer Relational Management Systems for patient advocacy groups to promote health care services including new patient on-boarding, Insurance validation and healthcare provider API integration.

Medical Provider Integration


Our platform is capable of Automated Protocol Integration between Patient Advocacy Groups and Healthcare Providers.

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Biologistic Solutions hosts a cloud based website oriented CRM/EMR platform.

Our system communicates via an automated protocol interface with many medical providers for total order transparency. We host a front end advertiser module to assist advertisers avoid the pitfalls of patient advocacy failure.  

Our objective has been to streamline advertisers, telemedicine doctor networks and medical providers for a more efficient and profitable fulfillment process.  We have customized a proprietary software protocol for pharmacies, laboratories and durable medical equipment providers to expand their growth via telemedicine and 3rd party advertisers.

Biologistic Solutions offers telemedicine doctor networks a software platform that helps them manage doctor/patient consultations for fulfillment of products and/or services extended by Specialty Pharmacies, Laboratories and/or DME providers.

Biologistic Software has been providing telemedicine software solutions for nearly 3 years. Our system has the ability to integrate with an unlimited number of doctors and/or doctor networks nationwide and licensed in each state in which each Doctor practices.

Proprietary Biologistic Software Solutions CRM platform offers a full suite of communication telephony technology unlike any other competitor in the health vertical.

The Biologistic CRM platform provides clients with real time patient status dispositions for total transparency and reporting.

Our CRM/EMR platform is fully HIPAA compliant.

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